[JISC] Weeknote 28/33

Another week flies by. The closer it gets to the end of my time at JISC the faster things seem to be moving.

The week was pretty good though – I spent alot of time in Balsamiq trying to find a way to make our team area on the JISC website a bit more useful & less muddled. This is a weird challenge really as alot of things I would do usually ‘break’ the automated aspects of the CMS as regards pulling content in from other areas and also there is little controls over the URL structure so me messing with things leads to broken links and random redirects.

I also got my hands dirty and actually dusted off my CMS skills in the Dev environment to see what I could and couldn’t get away with – despite the problems with the CMS (and there are a multitude) it isn’t quite as evil as it is sometimes portrayed and I enjoyed poking around in it again. I also find that my preference for writing all my WP posts in the code view means I have rediscovered my long lost HTML understanding – which helps.

I also wrote what can best be considered an ‘opinion piece’ that was strictly for internal circulation that was the sort of thing you can really only produce with one foot out of the door. I stand by what I wrote and it wasn’t a personal jibe at anyone but it certainly lacked subtlety.

Also had some fun building some basic forms using Google Forms – which is probably my favourite aspect of Google Docs these days. I just remember when even the most basic form was a royal pain to produce and form builders were expensive extras bolted on to your CMS – now you can knock something up in minutes and embed it anywhere..for free!

Something that has been happening alot lately is that I have been invited in to bits of meetings or for 1 on 1 chats just to give my unvarnished opinion on certain subjects. It is like being an internal consultant and I do enjoy it. This week I was harping on about the way the Bristol City Council is approaching the procurement of its new website as I think it is an impressively innovative idea.

Eventstreams is rocketing along – we are only 2 weeks or so from inviting ‘alpha’ testers. This is about a month further along than I was expecting and we’ll be offering more functionality as well. Stef really has outdone himself. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks working up the business side in more detail.

Been a slow week for Bettr as I was pretty busy with the day job but I’ll give that a boost next week as well – it is further along than I expected but I do need to lock down some extra startup speakers quick smart.

I have now got one interview which has pleased me no end but I also was knocked back for two jobs I applied for without even getting an interview – one of which was no surprise but the other was a bit of a shock. Freelance life is looking more and more likely.


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