Mozilla Drumbeat Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival

So the Drumbeat Festival opened for booking this week. I have booked my flights to Barcelona and I think I have decided on a hostel/hotel – the Gat Xino – apparently it is in a slightly sketchy area but it doesn’t sound too bad (but what the hell do I know – I’ve never been to Barcelona). I haven’t booked my actual ticket for the event yet as I have volunteered to be a volunteer and I want to see if they take me up on that offer first. I always tend to end up pitching in on the logistics side of events anyway and I’d be blogging about it comprehensively anyway so it would be nice to do it n some kind of official capacity.

The festival is a mix of some pretty interesting unconferencey type activities – hackdays, labs, fishbowls, incubators, lounges, studios and classrooms. You name it they’ve got. There is also a ‘main stage’ with a pretty impressive line up of plenary speakers – I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Mitchell Baker and Joi Ito speak – also it should be interesting to see how Anya Kamenetz goes down with this crowd – her talk at a previous event certainly wound up one of my more ‘open web’ aware colleagues.

The OpenEd conference is on at the same time so hopefully there will be an opportunity to catch up with (by then) some former JISC colleagues and people I met at UKOER10 as well.

I did find the ‘Who should come..’ list interesting – it was like a description of a big part of my my Twitter community;

* Open textbook authors and remixers
* People teaching web development
* Edupunks
* Hackerspaces
* Creative Commoners
* Radical librarians
* Wikipedians
* Open education start ups
* And, of course, teachers and learners of all stripes

I can’t wait to make connections with more of these brilliant, mad people.

I’ve not given myself much extra time for tourist stuff and I won’t be there for a match which is a little disappointing but I am very much looking forward to visiting Barcelona for the first time. I’m going back in January – but that is for a stag-do which is likely to be a very different experience!