[JISC] Weeknote 31/33

This has been a good week 🙂

I got the call Monday confirming that I will neither be joining the growing ranks of the unemployed nor the (seemingly equally growing) hordes of freelancing digital types. I’ve already written about my soon to be new gig so I won’t revisit that here other than to say..YAY!

I’ve also written about the fact we have opened Eventstreams up to alpha testing – this seems to be going well and we have had some useful feedback already. We are going to need to upgrade the hosting rapido and that is on me to sort this weekend but otherwise we seem to be onto something.

Bettr got both some much appreciated support this week and also a small bit of (fair) criticism. Graham Brown-Martin who runs the major Learning Without Frontiers conference got in touch with some kind words and offer of publicity which I gladly accepted. They have a pretty amazing line-up already for their event earlier that week and I think I’ll be making my best effort to attend. On the critical side it was pointed out that the speaker list was light on women. I’ve mentioned this myself and my initial invite list was much more balanced. I am still hoping the final day will be more reflective of the education space on this issue.

Back to the day job and to be honest that went pretty well. I think the fact that I am no longer fretting about what happens next means I can get my head back into a useful space again plus the fact I only have 20 days left means I can focus on just a couple of things and make sure I see them through. I’m going to lead on the logistics of the IE Briefing Day that Andy announced and also coordinate a couple of (non) communications projects through to completion before I leave. Hell, I even enjoyed yesterdays team meeting!

Oh and I also started organising my leaving do which is probably the most important thing!


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