[JISC] Weeknote 32/33

The first half of this week was mainly defined by some weird bug that basically meant I spent alot of time throwing up without actually feeling particularly unwell. Didn’t make for a particularly productive start to the week though. I did manage to get a bit further along on organising the teams Briefing Day and also push out a survey covering the impact of JISCs work on ‘skills’ to a few people to see if my planned process has any chance of succeeding (my initial thinking by the way is nope – not in the timescales.. 😦 )

In a typical bit of timing as well I started this week to really start to get a feel for working remotely with the rest of the team – bit late in the day it has to be said and it is likely fueled by a certain amount of freedom knowing the end is nigh but nonetheless it was good stuff. I think the current restrictions and challenges that JISC is facing is going to force some innovative thinking around some activities that will be interesting to watch (from a safe distance!)

As far as the side projects are concerned I upgraded the hosting for Evenstreams this week which has made a real difference and the feedback we have received has all been very helpful and it is developing into a very slick app. In the next week or two we will start using it to manage the Bettr site as if anyone should be a true guinea pig I’m the most obvious option.

Speaking of Bettr I’ve been amazed at the support I’ve been getting from the organisers at Learning without Frontiers – they continue to astound me with their generosity.

I attended Playful on Friday for two reasons really – the first was to get a feel for the Conway Hall and what I’d need to keep in mind for running Bettr there and the second was to spark some inspiration on new thinking around doing interesting things with ‘digital’ to communicate with audiences. Unfortunately I had major transport issues which meant getting there late and, if I’m honest, in a poor mood. This might have effected my take on the 2 hours of talks I did stay for but while I thought they were fun (especially the talk about being contrary) it was even more frivolous than I expected and as such I left after lunch (though it was good to see Frankie, Ben and finally meet Mia). It was a success though as far as ideas for Bettr is concerned – got a clear picture of the day in my head now (and am more certain than ever of the need for a good ‘host’ for the event!).

I contact multiple people this week to get started with my blogging for Drumbeat as well. I am determined to have posts with all the people who were both at FUKOER and will be at Drumbeat. It will be challenging but doable I think.

I’m having a few beers in London on Friday as phase one of my leaving schedule and I also have the pleasure of tidying p and explaining the budgets I’ve been responsible this last year on Wednesday so that’ll be fun.


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