[JISC] Weeknote 33/33

33 weeks of constant blogging has been achieved – the best unbroken run of my blogging career and it worked even better than I hoped as a way of getting me thinking and identifying other things to blog about. It is also an interesting record of my year in the JISC Innovation team to look back on in the future.

As it happens my maths were a little out and I have 10 more days at JISC – so it should have been /35. That said I am going to draw the weeknotes to a close now. I haven’t decided whether I will start up again at the MRC – I don’t know their feelings on this sort of thing yet and I’ll need to get a feel for things first. Also it is becoming clear that I have more to say often about my side projects so maybe the focus needs to shift there.

I have written a post that is sort of a ‘leaving interview’ – well if I interviewed myself – that I will publish on the 15th October. It looks back at the last 12 months and is pretty honest I think.

This week the focus has been getting the Briefing Day sorted – and I think that is looking good. I visited the venue today – it is a bit Hogwarts in places but I reckon it is going to work well. Also I continue to have a series of ‘handover’ meetings as I try and justify and explain what I’ve been doing this last year so someone can pick up the few things left.

The team is releasing a pretty sizeable call for funding document on Monday which includes an explanatory briefing paper which I had the pleasure(?) of reading through and giving some feedback on. One section on Identifiers for web pages was actually pretty interesting to me as I retain a bit of fetish for well formed URLs – the whole human readable and hackable aspect of them anyway (I am less interested actually in the Persistent Identifier for everything aspect that is so important to Linked Data which I guess is a surprise to noone given my history of being unconvinced by LD..)

Had a couple more signups to Bettr and next week will give it a big push – starting with the launch of the new, Evenstreams powered, website and news of the Learning Without Frontiers discount offer. I’m going to ask some of the speakers to push things out via their channels as well.

Eventstreams is looking amazing – the feedback we have had so far has really helped simplify things and Stefs work has been amazing. I’m going to have to slow down my involvement for a couple of weeks once I start at the MRC just to free up some headspace but I am very proud of what Stef has built already and it is only going to get better.

I was also very pleased to get my first blogpost done for the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival – I’m hoping to get at least four more done before the Festival starts and then a couple during and after.

Today I am in London just sorting out a last few things – it will be my last visit to the London office which does feel a little weird. I’ll be heading off for a couple of beers at the tiny Savoy Tup in a bit and it will be weird coming to London and not heading for the Strand (or Centre Point) in the future.


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