Leaving JISC

OK – this isn’t the ‘leaving interview’ post I promised – not yet anyway. It is written and at some point soon I will publish it but I want to revisit it a little first before letting in out into the wild.

Anyway today is my last day at JISC. Actually I am writing this in an empty office in my last 30 minutes at JISC listening to some Issac Hayes.

I first joined JISC in 2003 as a Web Editor. Over the years I picked up more responsibilities before originally leaving in late 2007 to take a secondment at HEFCE – at the time I had every intention of returning. As it happened I didn’t and I ended up spending 18 months split between freelancing (Fail), Becta (Fail) and Jiva (good times!) before returning to JISC late in 2009 for a year long contract.

From a work point of view JISC will always be my ‘home’. I feel I’ve been lucky to work here, made some great friends over the years, worked with some extremely clever people, learned a huge amount and got to stretch myself and implement many a semi-crazy idea.

As it happens I found my most recent role a struggle at times. This didn’t stop me learning a load again and getting to work on some great projects but it wasn’t a great fit for me and much as I’ll miss working here I won’t miss that job much! The team I worked with were great and I’m glad I got the opportunity to get to know them all better and see just how hard they all work and how committed they are to achieveing something important.

I look forward to taking all the lessons I learned at JISC with me to my new job and hopefully making a few less mis-steps this time around.

So anyway this is a thankyou to every JISC related person I have worked with, met at conferences, chatted to on Twitter or just shared a beer with.

Cheers! See you around (well on Twitter anyway 🙂 )


  1. The word legend is used too often in this crazy world. But you, good sir, are a legend. Be sure to keep causing trouble, and hope we can stay in touch.

  2. From one empty office to another 🙂 I hope everything works out really well it the new role, it sounds like it could be a blast. Thank you for always entertaining my half-baked ideas as well and don’t be a stranger. What are you doing?? Go to the pub!

  3. Legend, and will no doubt continue to be a big influence on me – just a shame we didn’t have a chance to share more beers and talk more Sunday League antics!

  4. Hope it all works out in your new job. Guess I might see you in London again for a beer. Glad you think fondly of your time with JISC!

  5. cheers for the kind words all – given the research councils are not entirely outside of the orbit of JISCplanet I’m sure I haven’t escaped entirely 🙂

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