Late to the (ipad) party

So some time after the hoopla has died down and seeing an iPad at a conference or on a train has become a common occurrence I have joined the owners club.

I have got the ‘budget’ option (as if anything from Apple is ever budget!) There are two main reasons for this 1) it was a ‘gift’ in return for some work I’m doing and 2) I am prone to breaking my toys as anyone who has seen my iPhone or MacBook can testify to!

So it is early days but I’m finding it a pretty great experience so far. Though the true test will be tomorrow as I have always seen it as something to help survive First Great Western as much as anything.

My choice of apps so far has been pretty straightforward I guess. Based on a recommendation from @jamesclay I am using Oosfera for Twitter which so far seems a nice tool. Thanks to @jontangerine I am writing this post using Writer from iA which is a lovely stripped down word processor that I’d like to see elsewhere.

The new TED app was a no-brainer – I love some of the crazy demos as well as the ‘inspirational’ talks.

Shockingly enough I have several comics apps and that has been my biggest expense so far. I think tablets are going to be a game changer in the comic book world as the experience is really pretty good already and there is so much that can be done to disrupt the market in that world.

I have the Wired app but haven’t got any content yet as I bought the dead tree version – I also bought Popular Science+ but that didn’t seem to work for some reason. As I written about before I’m interested in the new models for publications like magazines but still don’t believe platform specific apps are the way forward (that probably seems hypocritical now).

I have a few games installed but am usually not a big fan though I am looking forward to Plants vs Zombies on a bigger screen.

I was also surprised there wasn’t a Guardian iPad app – well not an official one anyway. Eyewitness is stunning and similarly Flipboard is great to look at.

I have iBooks and Kindle app installed but I think I’ll be sticking to my Kindle itself for ebooks – it’s just a nicer experience for just reading.

Thanks to @markpower ‘s recommend I do have a lovely case from Macally that has great increased the chances of this toy surviving!

Sometime this week I will add Keynote to the apps but for now I think I’m happy with my initial choices for the early days and I’m going to stop writing now and get back to playing 🙂

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