Education is changing before our eyes (because we’re changing it) [#drumbeat]

Thursday at Drumbeat closed with three talks aimed at representing the mix of missions here at the Festival.

Cathy Casserly, Massimo Banzi and Anna Debenham each gave short talks based on their particular perspectives and it made for an interesting mix.

Cathy talked through her personal evolution from teacher in Jamaica to open education advocate at Carnigie. To be honest this talk held my attention least as I have been lucky enough to listen to a great many open ed speakers but she is obviously very much at the top of her game and it was a nice intro for the Mozilla dev types who I heard talking about open ed ideas throughout the day as they were going over ground that the education community has long since traveled.

Massimo gave a great talk about Arduino. This attempt to make electronics designer friendly is a wonderful example of what people can achieve and I loved the line about you know you are a success when the Italian government shuts you down! The community that has built up around this open hardware is brilliant and the little robot that was demoed his morning after a one day build really makes me think I am in a different world.

Anna brought me back to earth with a bump with an engaging, articulate and fact filled talk about the major deficiencies of education for the web in the UK. Another of the ‘make Jukesie feel ancient’ brigade her talk clearly outlined everything that is wrong with formal education in this space and makes the work of things like School of Webcraft, Mozilla Developer Network, P2PU etc all the more important.

It left me with a lot to think about as (if my brain wasn’t full already) and in particular I think the education issue is vital so I need to see where I can contribute.

2 thoughts on “Education is changing before our eyes (because we’re changing it) [#drumbeat]

  1. Hi Matt – sounds like a great conference and I wish I could have been there.

    Were existing institutional structures getting any love, or was it all about searching to destroy?

  2. It was very search and destroy to start with but does seem to be evolving at an alarming rate so people are seeing the bigger picture a bit more.

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