Feeling better about [#bebettr] ?

Well not really 😦

When I decided to take on running Be Bettr this time and make it something much larger scale and a little bit more formal I thought I would either still be working for JISC or maybe freelancing – either way I would have had available headspace for Bettr.

As it happens I have a new and challenging job at the Medical Research Council and have also committed to trying to get Eventstreams running as a startup as well as working with Mozilla Drumbeat. All-in-all it is a little (lot?) too much.

I have a great bunch of speakers lined up with a couple more to confirm but I worry that the choice of venue was a mistake – it is a big space to fill and its lack of connectivity is a problem. I also wonder about whether I need to do more with the format to make it a bit more interesting? I personally like single stream events with short, sharp talks but I understand people have greater expectations from events these days.

I’m pretty sure I should have gone for a space at ULU instead and lowered expectations a bit – an event at the same venue as Interesting, The Story and Playful probably does get people thinking big!

I also probably should have sought at least a small amount of sponsorship but I did want this to be as independent as possible – maybe that was a dumb idea!

I do stand by the idea – a mix of people from education startups and those from a more ‘open education’ background alternating their views of the world has the potential to be an interesting day I think but I do wonder if it has the wider appeal I originally thought.

Oh well, I’m in it to win it now – need to push on but maybe it is worth looking to swap the venue if possible? Any thoughts?


  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry it’s feeling like a bit of a slog. Event organising has never been my favourite job, because of exactly the anxieties you mention…

    If there’s no great financial penalty for ditching Conway Hall, I can’t imagine anyone will complain if the event moves to another venue within the Central Zone.

    Are there any tasks you can easily delegate? If so, I’m happy to lend a hand (errr, catering liaison isn’t my strong point, though). I imagine others would be too.

  2. Thanks David – I am going to look into a venue change to somewhere a little smaller I think if it is possible (might not be)

    The main issue is I need to boost publicity – I’m going to keep the tickets at £10 whatever but need to get more interest – that is the thing that takes time!

  3. So the main target for publicity would be to draw more people to the website, right? I’ll have a think about which networks I could seed with this in mind.

    Anything else publicity-wise that would be useful?

  4. yep – just need to raise awareness a little – I’ll burst (ha!) into action this weekend and see if I get some momentum going again..

  5. FWIW, the venue had little impact on my decision to book in for Be Bettr. As David says, anywhere in the Central zone, with enough space for conversations to happen would be fine.

  6. Cheers Mark – I have started looking into whether a change of venue is possible and it would certainly stay in central London. Fingers crossed.

    Hopefully the publicity will ramp up a little now as well.

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