Countdown to #bebettr

So it is 11 days til #bebettr and I am a little stressed but not as bad as I had feared at one point! I could do with at least 20 or so more people to book up over the days ahead (using bettrnewyear as a discount code!) just so I get close to breaking even for the venue which I am a couple of hundred quid short of at the moment. Also it is a big room so it would be good to have at least 100 people there (I was originally hoping for 150 but that seems like a pipe dream now!)

Almost all of the speakers have been in touch to confirm their attendance which is obviously a big plus (though one or two have been worryingly quiet but there is still plenty of time for that too change!)

It seems David Jennings might be bringing along a Newspaper Club paper around the topic of self organised learning if it was done in time which would be great and I was wondering about maybe offering an on the day, walk-up price of just a fiver for members of the NUS or anyone working at a London Uni – not that I know how to get the word out for that!

If by any miracle anyone reading this fancies sponsoring refreshments as well that would be wonderful as well. You can contact me at! If we’d reached 150 delegates all the money past paying for the venue would have gone on tea/coffee but that isn’t going to happen now.

There isn’t going to be wifi at the event. It was a costly and complicated option in the end and I decided to make the lack of wifi a feature rather than an issue – hopefully it will help people concentrate and contribute to the day. Despite the more formal setting and structure it is all supposed to be about making contacts and having conversations.

Anyway this is going to be my one and only foray into event organisation in 2011 so hopefully it is memorable for the right reasons – thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket or agreed to speak and I’ll see you on the 14th!!

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  1. I would not be surprised if a lot of folks sign up last minute. Often happens at these types of events. If I get a chance I’ll put bebettr in my newsletter which goes out to 10,000 or so users – but admittedly many won’t be UK based…

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