Cash for QuangoCamp

The lovely chaps at moreopen (otherwise known as Steph and Dave) have generously given me a bit of ‘seed’ funding to turn #quangocamp into reality. The downside (for me at least) of this act of generosity is that now I’m going to have to go ahead and actually make this happen!

I’ve got a few ideas of how it might work – I’m not wedded to any of them but for now I’m thinking;

– the widest possible definition of NDPB/Quango
– a one day event – say 10.30 – 16.00
– running the event on a weekday (probably Friday) not a Saturday
– keeping the numbers relatively small (say 40?)
– having a central London venue*
– keeping it primarily unconference style but perhaps with an opening ‘keynote’ session
– 30 minute slots rather than 45/60
– aiming for a summer event – say July/August
– as far as a content focus I was thinking more of a focus on the practical & sharing experiences rather than ‘let’s change the world’ type sessions
– a limit on open/linked data sessions**

So does this sound like an achievable idea? If anyone wants to join a ‘virtual’ organising committee I’ll set up a Google Group or something – I’d really like not to do this one solo as #bebettr half killed me!

*this is just because I think it will be easier to source – if anyone has any other ideas please say!
** ok that one is just for me!

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