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So I have a question for my more designery friends out there on the social web 🙂

It seems likely that I’ll soon be recruiting for a Designer to join me here in sunny Swindon. The thing is the job is moving from an almost entirely print based focus to mostly digital with some print – thus the move to my little corner of the world and no appropriate existing job specification.

I’m wondering what skill set I could/should ask for from someone who is going to have to produce designs for both the web and print (plus the occasional exhibition stand!). The job is likely to be about £30k and permanent with amazingly good benefits – although you do have to work in Swindon which takes the gloss off a bit 🙂 So it isn’t a junior position but neither is it going to attract many high fliers I would think.

I want to avoid just putting together a generic ‘designer’ job spec but I’m going to need some advice. Should I expect them to know CSS or HTML? What about things like printing process and paper weights? I’m assuming they should be Photoshop experts but what about Illustrator or other software? I’m guessing they should have a web based portfolio as well as some examples of their print work?

Help me out here – I really am stepping into the unknown! I’m lucky enough to have worked with some great designers over the years (and a couple of duds!) but I’ve never been the person recruiting them and I want to make sure I get things right.

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  1. hi,

    When I saw this post I was reminded of Mark Boulton’s recent job posting so this should give you something to at least dismiss

    If they will be designing 80/20 in favour of the web then start with that and in which case they must at least understand the constraints of the web even if they cannot code.

    I have used a few designers and the ones who are print focused seemed to completely miss the UX perspective which is essential for the web.
    So def check their web and print portfolio.

    Happy hunting

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