The new (digital) guvnor

The new Executive Director of Digital Efficiency and Reform Group, Cabinet Office was announced today and it has caused quite a positive ripple in my corner of the Twitter-sphere.

Mike Bracken, most recently the Digital Development Director at the Guardian, has been appointed and if his online contributions and the words of colleagues are anything to go by then Alphagov was just a drop in the ocean and things are going to get really interesting in dotGov land.

It is interesting to read how he built up a mainly in-house multi-disciplinary digital team at the Guardian (which I think is key to ensuring that the ideas behind Alphagov are sustainable as I’ve written before). He is also a big proponent of Product Management techniques apparently – which I’ve also written about wanting to see more of in the public sector.

Things really are moving fast and taking shape pretty quickly with the (central) gov digital agenda – certainly *much* quicker than I expected but it does seem to be moving in a direction that I can get behind and for the time being isn’t directly effecting me which is good 🙂


  1. Matt, I’m curious. Your blog in entitled “Digital by default”. Mike Bracken’s blog is sub-titled the same. Is this a common phrase in the vocabulary of the digital product manager? Is it coincidence? Flattery? Some clever trick that spots the website you come from and inserts it as a sub-title to confound and befuddle?

  2. Nothing that clever – it was a term used in describing Martha Lane Fox’s report that started all this recent .gov activity – I thought it sounded cool so bought the domain that day 🙂 It seems to have become a phrase quite a few people now use – including Mr Bracken – and traffic on this blog has increased by association!

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