A real ‘bar’ camp at IWMW

I am facilitating a session at IWMW for a small, select group 🙂 The group in fact is so small I have decided to move the session to the nearest bar and buy the group a round of drinks (thus a real ‘bar’camp!)

To keep it on track and useful though I thought I would suggest a couple of conversation starters that might get things going. I don’t have any answers though but I thought it was a useful place to start!

1.   Cookie-pocolypse – how are we going to cope if things like Google Analytics *are* banned

2.   Life after the COI – what does the Government Digital Service, Betagov etc mean to us

3.   A11y – are we all still trying to comply with 13 years old guidance or are people looking a WAI2.0 (or beyond)

Anymore for anymore?

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