The Westeas (a Teacamp for the West)

I have a feeling that there might be an opportunity to maintain some kind of community off the back of #govwest and while interest is high in public sector digital projects due to things like GOVUK but also as Carl mentioned in his talk the perception that web services might equal cost savings!

One of the enduring spin-offs from the UKGovcamps in London is monthly Teacamps at Cafe Zest on Victoria Street. These informal meetups usually consist of a couple of invited speakers, a group of people sitting around listening and swapping war stories while drinking coffee (or tea!) and then a few hardy souls heading off to the pub after. The timing is also interesting – at 4 til 6 it means people don’t miss much of their working day (so probably easier to convince the powers that be) and also means they don’t get home much later for folk with, you know, lifes outside of work (unlike me!).

I’m thinking we should see if there is any appetite for this sort of thing locally. I can think of plenty of speakers who would give an interesting perspective (especially if we expanded the remit a little to take in more of the & worlds as well as and much as it pains me as I believe Bristol to be the centre of the universe I think Bath is a good place for this sort of thing as its easy to reach from anywhere locally especially by train and if we could find a venue in easy walking distance from the station I think it is worth a punt. Anyone else?

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