Kiitos Helsinki

  1. jukesie
    Seems to be free wifi everywhere in Helsinki! Found my hotel using the Angry Birds city wifi and now my budget hotel offers it as well!
  2. jukesie
    So its a fiver for (almost) a pint of Carlsberg in Helsinki – not the end of the world but hardly good value 🙂
  3. jukesie
    Have clearly ended up in a local bar – despite it being called the Pickwick Pub – its obviously Finns only! Though the snooker is on 🙂
  4. jukesie
    Ended up in ‘King Kebab’ having the ‘special’ which consisted of kebab meat, chicken wings, chips, rice, salad, garlic mayo & pasta sauce!
  5. jukesie
    After a day of lovely weather it seems like the real Helsinki has decided to make an appearance – its pissing down!
  6. …busy morning on day one proper in Helsinki – wandered the streets a bit getting the lay of the land, had breakfast in Esplanadi park, caught the ferry to the Suomenlinna sea fortress where I was adopted by a South Korean tour (thus all the pics!), had fried squid with garlic mayo from a market stall for lunch and then rode the tram for a while taking advantage of my 4 day ticket…knackered now but have scoped pub(s) for later!
  7. jukesie
    Finally made it to #okfest but am now a little lost. Was going to do the open research strand but really interested in the open cities stuff
  8. jukesie
    Getting the hang of Helsinki now – can spot the convenience stores for a start which makes sourcing lunch easier 🙂
  9. jukesie
    Interesting afternoon at #okfest especially the last 2 open cities talks that gave me loads to think about.
  10. jukesie
    Much better organised this evening and found somewhere to eat straightaway and picked up an English paper to read..
  11. jukesie
    Sorry to be a bit sexist but my god there are alot of very beautiful women in Helsinki – no way my blood pressure would have coped in summer
  12. jukesie
    fun morning being all touristy – another lovely morning in Helsinki (which probably means it’ll piss down this evening!)
  13. …nice morning riding the rails (well the trams!) Took advantage of my dayrider ticket and rode the entire route of one tram getting off whenever it looked interesting. Watched a bit of a schools footy cup final, helped some lost Brits, got lost myself looking for the Olympic stadium (you’d think it would be easy!), booked a boat trip for tomorrow morning, went to the Cathedral and the morning market…now a break before popping back to the conference for the last 2 keynotes..
  14. jukesie
    Trying to get in the mood to head to #okfest now for the last couple of plenary talks – think I am too deep into tourist mode..
  15. jukesie
    Popped back to #okfest for the talk by Michael Edison from the Smithsonian and maybe Hans Roslings data journalism talk…
  16. jukesie
    I feel like I should go it to experience the Helsinki night life but the reality is I’m knackered and begrudge paying so much for the beer!

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