52: Week Ten


Ten weeks – in some ways it still seems like 10 days and in others 10 months.

It is safe to say that this has been the most challenging induction period to a role I’ve ever had (and as my readers know – I’ve had my share!) I’m not sure just how much the job description resembles the way my role is evolving – the things mentioned are certainly a *part* of what I seem to be doing but to say its a varied portfolio would be a bit of an understatement.

Some of the things I’ve been doing or discussing this week include;

– Guidelines for infographics
– Prototyping eBooks &/or web apps
– Organising internal ‘brown bag’ seminars – with Wikipedia up first
– Recruitment
– Social media data mining
– Web analytics and coming up with KPIs
– Procurement
– Email newsletters of various flavours
– User testing and taxonomies
– Budgets
– Getting HTML5 stuff to play nicely with our CMS
– Search. So much search.

I’m starting to feel like things are moving in the right direction with most things and while I find my confidence in delivering real change can still be a bit of a roller coaster – I’m either really up and confident or down and a little despondent things seem to be balancing out as I get a better feel for the organisation and how to better influence things. I’m also getting (much) better at delegating as there really isn’t any option busy as I am.

I am finding that I really need to up skill myself as well to really be able to really make the kind of impact I feel I need to. I’m neck deep in books about all aspects of search at the moment (technical and SEO etc) for example. I am at that stage where I know enough to know I don’t know enough!

Anyway its been a decent week – if a little exhausting. Next week Laura (the boss) is on hols so it will either be quiet or chaos – unlikely anything in between 🙂

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