Three of a kind [140713]

How we are losing the war for a free and open internet 

It seems like every week I am reading another blogpost bemoaning the changing face of the internet & web. It feels like there is something building but towards what I am not sure. Here Sue Gardner from the Wikimedia Foundation talks about being ‘in the trenches’ in the fight to keep the web open.

Code Developed by the People and for the People, Released Back to the People 

This all seems a bit familiar. It seems the new website for ObamaCare has taken a leaf out of the GDS book and built a website in the open on Github, using a mix of in-house and SME skills and putting the user first. Hopefully this approach will continue to build momentum – increasingly it seems like the only sensible approach to building big, scaleable, complex .gov websites – which is on my mind a lot!

[Prose seems interesting as well – its rare to see one of these style sites not relying on Markdown.]

Comic book heroes get the info-porn treatment 

This went straight on the pre-order list from Amazon. A book full of infographics based on comic book ‘data’ – what is not to love 🙂

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