52: Week Thirteen


Unlucky for some. Well me actually. Not much to report this week as I spent Monday to Wednesday in a drug induced stupor as I suffered through the last of a particularly painful infection of a wisdom tooth. Thank Waksman for antibiotics!

I missed a couple of crucial meetings where important projects made big steps forward. Especially unhappy to have missed what sound like interesting conversations about search and CMSs – given they are the two things I am most preoccupied with missing the meetings didn’t improve my mood – but it sounds like my absence wasn’t really a factor 🙂

I was involved in an interesting meeting about ‘partnerships’ when I did drag myself in to the office but mainly it demonstrated that I don’t really have a feel for what the organisation means by the term (and the meeting didn’t make it any clearer) though I do now have a feel for what the goals are. If I could carve out some time to spend on this I think I have some ideas about focusing on a single, tent-pole ‘relationship’ that would start to really impact our reach and impact (at least from a web point of view).

The other interesting thing that happened this week came out of left field a bit. Someone on Twitter linked to this great site – www.ukdataexplorer.com – that takes ONS time series data and presents it *much* better than we currently do and also does a great job explaining how to get the best our of our site (again better than we do!). It actually looks like something we have been developing in house a bit but further along and importantly out in the world actually getting used. I was so impressed I dropped the developer an email just to say so and a few emails later we are now going to try and see if we can work together a bit. Early days but it feels like something good could come of it.

Interviewing for two days next week which promises to be exhausting but have a great bunch of candidates so it should be interesting at least.

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