Three of a kind [280713]

Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is

Feels like I’m linking to something like this every week 😦 Another story about the threat to the freedom of the internet and how it is fragmenting in to a series of smaller, censored networks where privacy is non-existent. Scary days.

On a related note: Sleepwalking into censorship – ORGs response to the UK governments ridiculous anti-porn nonsense.

‘Only pizzas are delivered’

It is funny how these stories break when they do because I am sure this list of ‘banned’ words has been available from GDS from months. Still it is all good publicity and as it has been pointed out to me recently that I have increasingly started to write in manager-ese I am going to try and avoid using all the words mentioned from now on in my blogposts and briefings!

The Internet map

Brilliant visualisation of the big players on the web – especially as it lets you see the **world** wide web beyond just the English speaking world. It is easy enough to spot Google, Facebook etc but the real fun is delving in to some of the smaller ‘circles’.


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