52: Week Fifteen


Only two days in the office this week and most of them were in meetings or more interviews. Recruitment remains blooming exhausting it has to be said – also seemingly never ending.

Spent a lot of time fleshing out the milestones for the various work streams I have responsibility for – its still all a bit of a moveable feast for the time being as things start to come in to better focus but we are getting there. On the one hand as you flesh things out a bit and lock in some delivery dates etc it feels more real which is good but then you see the list of commitments and its a bit aaarrrgghhhhh.

Sam and I have carved up the major projects between us which makes it slightly less terrifying (but only slightly) and I’m hoping these couple of days off will recharge my batteries enough to push on with things over the next few weeks.

I had a got meeting with Stu Church at my new remote office discussing some tactics to get a better feel for the website audience personas (rather than a wider organisational audience which I think is what we are working to at the moment.)

If all goes well we should have some interesting projects leaking out in to the world after the summer so that is something to look forward to (for me anyway) but in general it is going to be a hard slog these next eight or nine months.

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