Jelly wobbles

Sharon O’Dea has written an interesting piece on why Jelly has failed to really set (see what I did there!)

I agree and I also uninstalled the app pretty sharpish. For pretty much the same reasons (though probably I was as annoyed by the hipster-business-weasel-words Biz Stone has been spouting as by the brands.)

I do wonder if it is fair though to compare its early days to those of Facebook or Twitter.

The reality is that 6 or 7 years ago they were both able to ’grow up’ at a time when all but the most savvy marketer thought ’social’ was a fad and was filled with sad little loners in their parents basements.

It wasn’t anything the big two did that prevented the marketing invasion back then. The brands just didn’t see the point.

This gave us early-ish adopters time and peace to build our networks as well as rules if engagement so we were better prepared when the brands invaded (including celebs as they are little different.)

That ship has sailed and in an ever more competitive space this new generation of social media marketers are desperate for the advantage being a first mover on a new platform will bring. It happened on Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Those of us who have been around for years are the minority now. We are the ’long tail’ 🙂

The majority have never seen social media *not* filled with ads, brands, campaigns and celebs. This is what they expect and so that invasion if Jelly wouldn’t have looked out of place to them.

It will settle down. If Jelly rides out this early storm I’ll take a look again in a couple of months. When Mike in marketing has a new toy to play with.

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