A cognitive surplus surplus

So that was quick. The dream has died. They say there are no original ideas anymore and also that timing is everything. Both these things seemed to conspire against me on this occasion.*

I’m feeling a bit low about this to be honest as I had worked myself up in to a bit of a frenzy scribbling ideas down and even drawing some character ideas (something I rarely do anymore).

Anyway part of the reason I wanted to do it was to give myself a distraction from work while I am not drinking (thus my social life is a wasteland).

So I think I will return to the event/mini-conference idea. I have a couple of ideas for this though which I keep going back and forth on so I have decided to ask for a vote!

So what do you reckon?

* basically it turns out an anthology of Bristol based short stories with a steam punk theme and a subtitle of ‘Bristol Fashion’ is about to be released. It isn’t the same idea as mine but there are too many similarities for me not to risk accusations of plagiarism 😦

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