Trying something new for 30 days

One of the things we tried as part of out in-house ‘digital festival’ was a daily ‘digital cinema’. Basically we booked out our meeting room, supplied popcorn and showed a couple of interesting videos from around the web to whoever showed up.

To be honest it wasn’t a resounding success (unlike the rest of the events which far exceeded my expectations) but the first one did have a good turn out and one of the videos we watched was this one from Matt Cutts about trying something new for 30 days;

Best known for being the face of Google Search online Cutts has a blog full of his 30 day projects and a group of us were inspired (or coerced depending on who you ask!) to try something ourselves.

Lots of people are doing exercise challenges or something creative but I am being dull. My 30 day challenge is;

To be better at handling email.

I’ve always been a bit dismissive of all the GTD and ‘inbox zero’ stuff but as I have written before I have completely lost control of my inbox and so I am going to try the system Zak recommended that way if it is a total disaster I have someone to blame! Given the limitations of Lotus Notes it needs to be something simple and manual. I’m going to spend a bit of time this weekend setting it up to start afresh on Monday.

Alongside this I am also experimenting with using some elements of the Bullet Journal technique for note taking but that might be a step too far:)


  1. You only have yourself to blame trusting me ha!

    Its worth noting that since my comment on the older blog post this method is STILL working for me. I now also receive a greater volume of 20-50 emails per day and the system isn’t creaking – even during a month like this one with me out the office or head deep into bid writing. You can do it!

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