I really wanted to add a /humans.txt file to the new ONS website but I never got around to it and then I ran away to the other side of the world for a bit. In lieu of doing it properly I just wanted to acknowledge everybody who made this site, that I am so proud of, possible.

Some of these job titles come nowhere near what responsibilities the individuals actually took on but for the purposes of this I’m sticking with them. I’ve forgotten one Twitter account I know exists and one surname — but I’ve had a few drinks and am on the other side of the world so forgive me! Not everyone was there the whole time but they all contributed hugely.

David Carboni — @davidcarboni — Tech Lead

Julie Peters — @petersj23 — Delivery Manager

Alison Sarioglu — null — Business Analyst

Rob Chambers — @robchamberspfc — Product Manager

Jonathan Proton — @iauxbod — UX Architect

Al Davies — @AldaviesAlison — Analytics/User Research

Onkar Chiroma — @ochiroma — UX Lead

Crispin Merriman — @Crispioso — Frontend developer

Jon Jones — null — Frontend developer

Tom Ridd — @thomasridd — Developer

Pastor Jurado — null — Developer

Burham ‘Bren’ Eser — @rebasbel — Developer

Carl Hembrough — @CarlHembrough — Developer

Kate Worman — ??? — Analytics/Content migration lead

Tom Fake — null — Content migration

Jodie Tucker —@Jodi_Tucker— Content migration

Harriet Bodkin — null — Content migration

Michael ? — null — Content migration

Ian Kent — @iankent — Tech Lead 2.0

Dave Llewllelyn — null — Developer

Jon Fawbert — null — Technical Architect

Kane Morgan — @kanemorgan — Developer


Laura Dewis — @lauradee — Boss.

Heroes one and all 🙂

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