A self-indulgent aside

I’m struggling a bit at the moment so self-indulgent as it is I just needed to document the things I’ve done in the last couple of years that I am proud of to remind myself that I am not always quite as useless as I currently feel.

So this is a reminder to Future Matt that you →

  • Setup & managed ONS Digital blog
  • Commissioned the first ONS Infographic guidelines
  • Organised Data Storytelling conference
  • Curated Digital festival (in-house)
  • Commissioned and launched Visual.ONS
  • Hired 10 staff
  • Promoted 10 staff
  • Hired ODI for Discovery work
  • Hired CX Partners for UX/pattern library alpha
  • Did procurement for Alpha & Beta projects
  • Product managed Alpha → Live for new ONS website
  • Gave 20+ internal talks
  • Spoke at 10 web conferences
  • Sponsored Open Data Camp, UK Govcamp, Gov Camp Cymru, National Hack the Government and Accountability Hack
  • Got to final of Civil Service Innovation Challenge
  • Got to final of St Davids Innovation Awards
  • Passed three Service Assessments
  • Helped recruit the eQ team
  • Set up the internal User Researcher programme (including hiring Joe Leech to mentor)
  • Led a truly ‘users first’ project for the first time
  • Worked in the open from the start to the finish
  • Helped build a team culture to be proud of
  • Ran a truly agile project end-to-end
  • Launched new ONS website
  • Helped make /data a real thing

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