Friday footnotes [1]

Friday footnotes is a weekly list of links related to product management and design in the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie

[1] Guerrilla empathy (or why we should probably stop banging on about users all the time) — great post from Leisa framing ways to build internal empathy for your users by stealth and using the language of bureaucracy.

[2] Digital Playbook for NYC— these days everyone has to have a ‘playbook’ (I am working on a ‘product playbook’ for ONS!) but this is a particularly good example of a major public sector organisation really embracing the digital opportunities. Bravo.

[3] What if you could find the right student loan repayment option in 5 steps — or less? — another post from our cousins across the pond. USDS are involved in some truly transformational work over in the States and this is a great example of them ‘doing the hard work to make it simple’. If you thought our Student Loans process was painful!

[4] Blog like there aren’t any rules — smashing post from Giles about the history and importance of blogging as well as why it is now important for Government. It came from a talk he gave at the GDS organised GovBlogCamp (no — *sniff* — invite) which looked great.

[5] How the NHS.UK team “does” agile— this is one of those great posts that reassures you that ‘agile’ isn’t already a lost cause. An example of a team genuinely working in an agile manner but not getting hung up on any particular method or set of rituals. Just staying true to the manifesto and doing great work.

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