Friday footnotes [2]

Friday footnotes is a weekly list of links related to product management and design in the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie

[1] Eight principles for user researchers on Government as a Platform — great primer to some of the main approaches to succeeding in creating a truly user-centric culture.

[2] Agile in the public sector — Roo gives a great overview of the founding of GDS, some lessons he learned about introducing agile in to the civil service and the importance of milk and tampons in creating culture.

[3] Take our code: 34 reusable projects from 18F — I’ve said it before..I am a shameless 18F fanboy and this is another great example of why. 34 examples of doing open source right — not just sticking code up on Github but also documenting it and supporting it to genuinely encourage reuse.

[4] Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable — this is the transcript (and video) of Ken Norton’s keynote at the recent Mind the Product in San Francisco. It is a tour de force of torturing a metaphor until you get the last drop of information from it!

[5] It’s ok to say what’s ok — this is a fantastic primer for new (and not so new) staff at GDS to encourage openness and collaboration. It is a great list and is already finding itself printed out in offices far from GDS HQ. The big challenge though is embedding those behaviours top to bottom in any organisation.

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