Friday footnotes 4

Friday footnotes is a weekly list of links related to product management and design in the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie

[1] Meet Matchbot, our prototype Slack bot — Dan Williams writes about a little experiment the dotEveryone team are doing to test out some ideas in code — something that I think is too often missing in the current ‘discovery’ process.

[2] In Defense of the Hi.P.P.O— is an interesting post that stands up for the role of the ‘highest paid persons opinion’ and their importance as a decision maker. Mainly though I love it as it introduces the Z.E.B.R.A which is brilliant!

[3] Building GOV.UK Verify to Agile principles— this is the second post about how the Verify team manage their complex and high profile project according to agile principles while maintaining a level of governance that suits all backgrounds. I have a feeling this team is going to become the case study on how to do this in years to come.

[4] Why Britain banned mobile apps— it is slightly strange how much traction this post about why GDS blocked the development of native mobile apps three years ago got this week but it is still a good story. The original post from Tom Loosemore had by far the better title though (back when GDS were a bit more fun and fancy free!)

[5] How to Align UX with Product Management— in the last few weeks I’ve seen quite a few tweets, talks and posts that revolve around the idea that the Product Manager/Owner role is basically just in the way and that it is UX or design that should take the lead on the tasks that are associated with product roles. Surprisingly enough I don’t agree but I do recognise some of the challenges and trade offs and this post highlights many of them.

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