Internet of Public Service Jobs — 23/10/16

‘Internet of Public Service jobs’ is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, user experience, development and design in…you guessed it…the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie every Sunday.

This week is dominated by some big Government jobs after last week was a bit more broader in scope. That isn’t to say there are not some amazing roles again though — GDS have a few Product roles out at the moment but I have selected the two that were most interesting to me [1] and [9] — took me a while to get my head around Registers as a concept but now I’m believer and when push comes to shove I am a died in the wool web publishing product person so GOV.UK would have been a treat.

RightsInfo [3] is interesting — a “digital human rights project” that clearly has big ambitions and there is a bit of a medical flavour this week as well with [2] and [7].

If you are looking for a new job I hope you see something that inspires you and good luck. If you are just being nosey…well enjoy 🙂

[1] Product Manager (Registers)
Government Digital Service

[2] Digital Transformation Manager
Nursing and Midwifery Council

[3] Chief Executive

[4] Digital and Web Manager
Cambridge City Council

[5] Product Owner

[6] Senior Product Manager: Mendeley Careers

[7] Digital Development Lead
British Medical Association

[8] User Researcher(s)
Office for National Statistics
Newport & Fareham

[9] Senior Product Manager (GOV.UK/Publishing)
Government Digital Service

[10] Digital Consultant
Scottish Government

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