Weeknotes S3e14 [season finale]

So like my beloved Firefly it is 14 episodes and out for this series of week notes. No movie with heart-breaking, pointless death here though.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I am leaving Defra Digital after only three months and am very excited to be joining mySociety as Product Manager for their Better Cities portfolio.

Unfortunately things at Defra didn’t work out — just one of those things really. The role wasn’t quite what I expected and some of the organisational culture just wasn’t a good fit for me. There is a lot to love here and if the mySociety job hadn’t come up — a place I’ve wanted to work at for years — I might have knuckled down and persevered but things happen for a reason and here I am.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with some brilliant people however briefly — Emily, Maggie, Sarah, Tarini, Colin, Dom and Rick are a great team and I learned a lot in a short space of time. There are also some fab folks I met on my travels across Defra and thanks to Hannah for all the help at GDS with assessments etc.

The other issue for me is I have become increasingly uncomfortable about working for this Government since the Brexit referendum — and I wasn’t exactly chill with it before! It is, however, a lot easier to build a firewall around those feelings when you work in Newport with an organisation that is reasonably independent. Not so easy when you are in Westminster every week. The IP Bill was the last straw really and anyone watching my Twitter feed will notice my neutral walls tumbling a bit recently.

Anyway I’m around a few days next week then I’m taking a couple of weeks off before joining mySociety. At which point I guess you can expect season four 🙂

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