1. quick and light in movement or action; agile.
  2. (of the mind) able to think and understand quickly.

I think I am going to start talking about ‘nimble’ teams rather than ‘agile not Agile’ which is what I forever seem to be caught in a loop about. I can’t bring myself to use the term ‘post-Agile’ either. I do think there is a growing split though between those of us who found comfort and inspiration from the original manifesto and sought to use that as a starting point to find ways of working that suited our teams and context vs those who believe Agile is an industry and there are ‘approved’ ways of doing things and required ‘certifications’.

‘Nimble’ teams will be multi-disciplinary, self-organising, user-centric, focused on ‘showing the thing’, inclusive, have empathy for their colleagues in the widest sense and will communicate as much as possible in whatever format works best for the whole team.

Whatever works rather than following a script. Agile minus the baggage and the bollocks.

Doesn’t that sound like fun 🙂

Every team is unique. Every project is different. User needs evolve. One size does not fit all (have you seen the size of me!).

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