Publishing your #weeknotes to

There seem to be a steady stream of people joining the #weeknotes gang and as much as possible I’ve been trying to spot and add them to this ‘publication’ — obviously nobody has to use it but I do love the URL and I like the community that has grown up around it. If I haven’t added you either I or anyone on this page can do so

Medium has a slightly sucky UI though for adding to Publications so I thought I’d just drop a couple of screenshots in to help newcomers.

Look for the three dots in the top left (either after you have finished your #weeknotes or during your drafting of them.

The first option (I think it is always first) is ‘Add to publication’. Select this.

Then you will get a list of Publications you are a contributor. You may have more or less than me. Just add the draft and when you publish it will be added to

Your #weeknotes will magically appear on the homepage with a URL — but your URL will still work as well

Two small things

  1. Please try and use at least one decent resolution image or Gif in your #weeknotes as the homepage looks weird if there isn’t an image associated with the note.

2. Don’t worry about the S01E01 format thing if you don’t get it — was something I pinched from Dan Hon’s newsletter and it found a place here but it doesn’t really matter. Do try and remember to give the page a proper heading though..(the big T)

Hopefully a few more people will be inspired to join in after what is sure to be an amazing day at One Team Gov Global on Monday…where I will be handing out Team #weeknotes stickers 🙂

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