Web(inar) of Words

Once upon a time I was pretty determined to run an event called the ‘Web of Words’ about blogging, newsletters and working in the open. I did a bunch of work but then I got ill, changed jobs, had a bout of anxiety issues and decided to shelve things.

Now I’m wondering whether that given the current circumstances it might be interesting to try and set up some kind of minimal viable online meetup on the topic. Maybe just ‘chat show’ style interviews (or chats) with bloggers and newsletter-ers that I admire and maybe other people do as well.

I’d like to avoid using Zoom really so I’d need to find a platform that worked and was simple! I’d also have to find some people willing to speak to me (or maybe not me – maybe I will be the ‘producer’ and have someone else do the interviews…?).

Guess I’ll spend the weekend thinking this through! Let me know if you have any thoughts 🙂

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