Painting thru a pandemic

I love graffiti. I have done since I was 11 years old. I’ve destroyed more notebooks than I can count tagging and doodling designs, travelled the world taking photos of walls and spent a small fortune on art for my flat. All that said it had been more than 25 years (give or take the occasionally 10 minute tag at an event) since I had really tried to paint properly.

In June I was getting over my initial brush with COVID (or so I thought) and was struggling a bit with lockdown so I decided to buy a box of spraypaint and just have a bit of a play in the safety of my garden. Almost four months on and I’m still playing about – more boxes of paint have been purchased, more notebooks destroyed and I’m a bit worried the layers of paint are going to bring the wall down but it really has kept me sane these last few months.

My vague ambition was to see if I could get enough to paint on one of the boards at Upfest some time in the future…honestly that doesn’t feel very realistic at the moment…but I intend to keep chugging along (weather permitting now) and I might venture out of my garden to some local spot some time if I’m sure I won’t embarrass myself!

You can kind of see the evolution of my painting with this pics – the daisy HOPE was day one, the IZIT? piece was finished today. At some point my tag HOPE became ZOPE because I like painting the Zenith-esque Z more than H. My accuracy and fill-ins are still sub optimal but it is the taking part that counts 🙂

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