My Streaming TV 2022

Top 10 streaming shows 2022

  1. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)
  2. Yellowstone (Paramount+)
  3. Hacks (Amazon Prime)
  4. Slow Horses (Apple+)
  5. Station Eleven (Starz)
  6. The Sandman (Netflix)
  7. The Bear (Disney+)
  8. Reacher (Amazon Prime)
  9. Welcome to Wrexham (Disney+)
  10. Stranger Things 4 (Netflix)


Apple+ remains quality over quantity for the most part and is prone to release some pretty niche stuff it pretends is mainstream. That said I loved Slow Horses – Gary Oldman gave a spectacular performance – and everybody else loved Severance. For All Mankind remains a wonderful show and while The After Party was inconsistent (almost by design) when it was good it was great and WeCrashed was just funny AF.

  1. Slow Horses
  2. Severance
  3. For All Mankind 3
  4. The After Party
  5. WeCrashed


Netflix has had a dreadful year to date. There are a couple of shows landed in the final weeks of the year that should help but I can’t remember a year since I signed up when there were such wide swathes of time without anything interesting landing. The fact that I really didn’t like some of the big releases this year obviously contributed but it felt like a fallow year.

  1. The Sandman
  2. Stranger Things 4
  3. Umbrella Academy 3
  4. jeen-yuhs
  5. Top Boy 2
  6. Ozark 4
  7. Inventing Anna
  8. Untold
  9. The Gray Man
  10. Hustle

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime was its usual mix of the occasional moment of quality amongst a sea of dross but it did drop some decent shows across Prime and Freevee (terrible, terrible name). Bringing Hacks to the UK was a blessing and the adaptation of Reacher was spot-on. I wish they’d have given Paper Girls another season though and Station Eleven was actually Starz (now Lionsgate) but I watch it via Amazon 🙂

  1. Hacks
  2. Station Eleven*
  3. Reacher
  4. The Boys 3
  5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 4
  6. Paper Girls
  7. Bosch: Legacy
  8. A League of Their Own
  9. Mom
  10. Sprung


Disney+ has been far and away the streamer that I waste the most hours with over the last year. It has a reliable pipeline of original or exclusive shows that are inconsistent but rarely bad and an ever growing back catalogue of stuff that I can binge as televisual wallpaper. 

  1. The Bear
  2. Welcome to Wrexham
  3. She-Hulk
  4. Andor
  5. Only Murders in the Building
  6. Abbot Elementary
  7. Pam and Tommy
  8. Orville
  9. Prey
  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi


Paramount+ has been a big contender for me since it landed half way through the year (finally!) as it has my two current favourite shows and a small amount of second tier programs I really enjoy. The fact they have all of Trek plus Taylor Sheridan locked down means this will likely continue.

  1. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  2. Yellowstone
  3. The Offer
  4. Mayor of Kingstown
  5. 1883
  6. Halo
  7. American Rust
  8. Minx
  9. Star Trek: Discovery
  10. Behind the Music

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