Thanksgiving 2022

I’m not American and god knows with hindsight it feels like one of those holidays you might want to rethink given the history but I like the parade, love an excuse for more Turkey and mostly just like it as a prompt to call out some things for which I am thankful for.

So I this year am thankful →

  • I sold my shares in TPXimpact when I did
  • That Miranda and Tom hired me to be Head of Profession for Product Management as it is the happiest I’ve been in a role in ages

  • For Sophie and Jason bringing me into UKHSA even if it didn’t work out. I needed that opportunity to remind myself I could still do the work after such a long break

  • To Sharon for tweeting about the InterRail sale – that combined with the length of time it took for me to be cleared to start at work provided me with an amazing holiday experience I’d never have done otherwise

  • Getting to attend ATX TV Camp in Austin, Texas

  • …and visit Wyndham Walls in Miami, Florida

  • My health. Both physical and mental. I mean it is a low bar but I’m in relatively good shape now after a few bad years

  • A healthy tax rebate

  • Reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

  • So much great television 

…and of course my friends and family.

So plenty to be thankful for.

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