Crowdsourcing a Roadmap Collection

**The collection so far**

Product people love a roadmap. We sweat over them, worry about them, take pride in them and look jealousy at the roadmaps of others.

We stick firmly with the formats that have served us well or experiment wildly looking for something that articulates the vision of the future in our heads…because that is what roadmaps are. They are time travel. Speculative fiction. A multiverse branching from the decisions you make. 

Anyway I am now that oddest of things – a product manager with no product.  Thus, no roadmap and yet roadmaps are at the very top of my to-do list as I work on a new approach to our collective planning (and prioritisation process) and how we present that to the world (or at least to our senior leadership and interested parties initially.)

Before I get too deep into that thinking though I want to have a little ‘fun’ (a very specific, product person definition of fun) and collate/curate/create a ‘gallery’ of different product roadmap formats – nominated by the fine folks of Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn – that I can work on a bit during our upcoming Firebreak and unveil at the Product Person Unconference in a couple of weeks.

So what is your favourite roadmap format – your go-to or something aspirational. Practical or just aesthetically pleasing. Real or imagined. Send me your links, your pics and – if the mood takes you – your reasons. Whatever I get I will share – I might even buy a new domain as it has been a while!

4 responses to “Crowdsourcing a Roadmap Collection”

  1. Hi Matt – I like roadmap building too.
    My own roadmap from 2015 – – is simple but it worked. Even got an A1 size poster of it on my offcie wall.
    Also like this more recengt one..

    Please share your findings – happy to discuss

  2. When you get them, could you put them in a Figma FigJam (or similar) so we can comment and oggle at them please?

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