Stuart over at OSS Watch recently wrote a post about how OSS Watch measure ‘buzz’ around there activities.  This sent me off on a little bit of a tangent as I started to give a little thought to the tools we use at JISC to monitor the impact of our website (and when I say…… Continue reading Statto..

Lack of remote control..

As I was sitting in the foyer of the very impressive Said Business school last Wednesday after giving my very quick, and unfortunately quite poor, presentation to the JISC Services Communications Channels workshop (still I was on first and would have made everyone else look good!) I was left wondering two things 1) how the…… Continue reading Lack of remote control..

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The Persona Touch

I buy into the concept of usability..I mean who doesn’t these days to some extent.  I budget for usability work on every web project I work on – big and small…for years I was a devout follower in the Cult of Jakob (though I think he has lost touch with the real world these days..) …… Continue reading The Persona Touch