Miami vicegrip..


On Wednesday I am flying off to the land of Sonny Crockett, Carl Hiaasen, 2 Live Crew, the Sunglasses of Justice and Shaq.  Yep I am taking a completely frivolous trip to Miami for a bit of winter sun and to attend FOWA:Miami, the latest offering from Carsonified.  Admittedly as they are about 30 minutes away in Bath and run FOWA in London annually you might wonder how I am justifying this one – even to myself.  Well I have one word for you: Miami!  The fact is FOWA has a great looking programme with some people I’m really looking forward to seeing/listening to – Kathy Sierra, Matt Mullenweg and Kevin Rose in particular and it looks like an amazing venue but lets be honest if it was in rainy London in February I’d not be bothering – however 6 days on South Beach staying at the amazing Anglers resort will hopefully recharge me enough to see me through til the end of my secondment and the start of my adventures in freelancing!

I will be trying to blog the sessions I attend and my general impressions so hopefully it’ll all go well and its a nice thing to kick this new blog off with..


  1. What a fabulous site Math!
    Keep it up to date and we will check in from Lanzarote!
    Pictures of the hotel inside and out please, you never know might visit!

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