How deep is your Twitter love..

Well as of 12.50 on the 12th all is well again and Sweet Tweet is ticking along quite happily.

As of this morning 12/02/2009 – something has gone pearshaped with the DNS for Sweet Tweet and it has been replaced by domain squatters by the looks of it – will update when Stef or Theo get into the office

Two of the guys in Jiva have been proving what can be achieved in just a couple of days when you have a decent idea and the passion to turn it around quickly.  On Monday Stefan had the idea to build a kind of anti-Cursebird with a bit more of a Barry White feel – it was gonna be all about the love.  So as he tends to do he drew a few pictures, then fiddled a bit in Photoshop and twisted young Theos arm to get his Rails hat on to build the back end.  Three days later Sweet Tweet was born (though not without some initial issues with hosting and the Twitter API etc – these things are sent to try us after all!)

There are actually more features on the way (including the ability to check the love-o-meter for individual users) and its all been done outside of work hours in their spare time and encroaching on what I would consider prime drinking time in the 7 Stars.

I’ve been keen for us to do some smaller fun projects just to showcase what a talented bunch of guys we have at Jiva now (not including a blagger like me of course) and this will hopefully just be the start.


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