Fun at Bristwestival

So I’ve now had a day or two to recover from Bristwestival and I have to say that I think it was a great success and alot of fun.  As hoped I got to meet a few Twitter types face-to-face for the first time, enjoyed a number of pints of Bitburger (following on from several pints of ale in the 7 Stars thus the evil hangover!), managed to come second in a couple of frames of bowling (though I think Mr Beadle aka @timmyb should have had some kind of handicap as he was sober) and listen to some cool music and one talented beatboxer (though I was less convinced by the 2nd guy – but 25 years of listening to old school hip hop makes me a harsh judge of these things) – much to my own surprise I really enjoyed Fortune Drives set – I’m rarely a fan of guitar based bands but was impressed and the drummer in particular was quality.

Had a few drunken debates on both geek matters and truly life and death stuff (like the upcoming Bristol Rovers vs Brighton game) so all-in-all it was a great success from a personal point of view and as I understand we made almost £1500 for charity:water and 200 folk showed up so I guess it was a success for the organisers as well.

On a side note in comparison to the photos I’ve see from the London Twestival the Bristol one seemed to have a different flavour to it with more students, academic types and Bristols usual slightly ‘hippy’ element to it than PRs and social media types.

[I would have added a few photos to this article but as the majority of pics from the event seem to be ‘all rights reserved’ I won’t be – seems a bit out of step with the event if I’m honest – would have expected some more CC pics – but there you go]

One thought on “Fun at Bristwestival

  1. A secret admirer says:

    London twestival has been the most awful event I attended recently.

    Ok the charity and all the good purpose, which you can achieve in other means anyway, but the event in itself was horrible.

    The biggest fault was the lack of whatever connection for the people there.

    OK we love twitter and we are here but what do we do? Nothing. Loud music, PR wannabes, Social media expert who don’t even have a blog.

    I was asking people why you are here, they replied because of the booze.

    There was people all around sad internet celebrities striving to appear on the BBC and say hi mum.

    Flashmob Facebook events are schizophrenically more relevant and at least have an objective.

    Gosh London is so sad, I am sure Bristol was much better, it’s tough to get worse anyway.

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