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This year is going to be the 1st time I have attended a JISC Conference without having to work (3 years of near nervous breakdowns and one managing the backchannel and social web elements) so I am very much looking forward to it.  The move to Edinburgh is another big change to traditions (and certain members of the Comms team will have to behave better on the plane home than they did on the train last year!) but a good one in my opinion.  I was a big supporter of the idea of moving the Conference around the UK a bit – it is difficult to avoid becoming stale at the same venue year after year (and in particular this wasn’t helped by the lack of technical innovations at the Birmingham venue year after year) and was impressed with the EICC when a few of us attended the W3C Conference back in 2006.  Back then the current JISC Event Manager Grace was a prominent member of the team that ran that event so she was obviously impressed with he place as well 🙂

It allows a few new faces to attend the event and judging by the fact it has already ‘sold out’ with 3 weeks to go is a sign that there was a real demand for this change.

The team are working on quite a few innovations this year with additional facilitated networking opportunities and some pre conference activities – all of which i I know have added alot of stress and strain to the team but I’m sure they will be worth the efforts and if not you are always guaranteed a decent drink in Edinburgh..

Given the attendance of so many folks on Twitter and active bloggers I think it might be nice to have a little Tweetup on the Monday evening in a local public house?  Its always good to take the opportunity to put faces to icons and in my experience on the day of the conference things tend to get away from you (or maybe thats just me!)

I’ll be in Edinburgh from the Sunday afternoon – though likely very hungover after a day/night out in Dumfries the previous night including the England v Scotland rugby match!

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  1. Grace Porter says:

    Nice one Jukesie. See you there! Don’t forget to drop in for a free drinkiepoos beforehand at the Conference Opening Drinks Reception on the Monday at the EICC from 5.30pm – 7pm.

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