A summer of conferences..

Looks like conference season is fast approaching for me so I thought I would just quickly run through three events I’m very much looking forward to.  Yep I’m aware that a normal person would be looking forward to music festivals or a decent vacation in the summer not geeky conferences!

The Social Technology Summit in Manchester in May is part of the FutureSonic Festival and has some very interesting speakers and on the face of it at least a programme that isn’t going to get too deep into the technical details nor mention monetization every 2 minutes.  I’m particularly looking forward to listening to Stowe Boyd speak and it’ll be interesting to compare the talk Ewan McIntosh gives with the (great) one he recently gave at the JISC Conference.  An added bonus is that its in Manchester – a city I like but don’t know well so look forward to exploring a little.

In June its the Fuel Conference from Carsonified.  I was sorry to miss this event last year so I’m glad to be attending this year though I am mainly interested in seeing Tara Hunt speak (though the guys from Campaign Monitor and Seedcamp are likely to be interesting as well).  This event is almost certainly going to mention monetization every 2 minutes (if not seconds!) so I imagine I’ll have to dip in and out of the programme.  Carsonified events are always extremely well managed and attended by interesting people so it will be fun despite having to go to London!

wordcampukTo round off my summer I’ll be attending WordCamp in Cardiff in July.  WordCamp is an “informal conferences focussed squarely on everything WordPress. Everyone from casual end users all the way up to core developers..” So as I’m pretty devoted to WordPress as a platform and don’t find the concept of a Saturday night having a beer around Cardiff Bay unappealing I’ll be making the short trip through the Severn tunnel.  Its also worth mentioning that Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress and founder of Automattic, is attending.  I’ve seen Matt speak before and while it was technically ovr my head he was a good speaker with an engaging style. [its also cool that @laurakalbag a UWE student in Bristol oops Bath Spa I follow on Twitter designed the Wordcamp site this year]

There is also a rumor of another Bathcamp at the end of the summer and I’m still mulling over plans to run an event in and around Stokes Croft (though I am avoiding the term BarCamp for that at the moment..)  If nothing else should give me some content for this blog in the coming months but more than that I’m hoping that the events help me freshen up my thinking a little as I’m starting to feel a little stale ideas wise.

2 thoughts on “A summer of conferences..

  1. Laura Kalbag says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the mention 🙂 Though I’m at Bath Spa, not UWE.

    I’m really looking forward to WordCamp, big chance I’ll be at the big BathCamp too.

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