Death to Death by Powerpoint

Introduction to Innovative Presentation Styles

The second part of my presentation around events 2.0 was about Innovative Presentation Styles – its pretty thin and could do with being revisited in the future but was essentially filler on this occasion between the unconference stuff I wanted to talk about and the backchannel/amplified conference stuff thats close to my heart that I finished with.


we’ve all been there – deathly dull presentations with people essentially reading their poorly designed slides out without even making eye contact with the audience. an hour of your life you’ll never get back..these are some frameworks for shaking things up a bit – they aren’t easy but they are fun..


5 minute talks with a maximum of 3 slides – though that is discouraged…get up, get your point across, sit down.  People want to ask questions they can meet you at coffee or in the bar later.  It seems likely that Lightning Talks in this format originated at a Perl conference in 2000 (though a similar format predated this at a Python conference in ’97).  For what its worth this is my favourite format for livening things up.


“peh-chak-cha” started in Japan – it means chit-chat or conversation.  It is most popular with arts, architecture and cultural crowds but its influence is spreading.  Pecha Kucha has more of a gaming feel to it – there is some competition and the format lends itself to creative mashups.   A popular version of this within the Barcamp community is to create a presentation based on your last 20 Delicious bookmarks and talk about them.

events20012To all intents and purposes Ignite is the web geek version of Pecha Kucha…its supported by O’Reilly and started in Seattle in 2006 – though the events themselves are independent – and it takes place in about 20 cities worldwide (with Cardiff being the most local one to me..)  This presentation was actually an attempt to use the Ignite format – unfortunately it failed..badly!  That said I have a much better idea of how I would do it next time.

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