Three of a kind [210713]

10 Rules of the internet

I think Mr Dash misses one of the big rules. The internet loves a list 🙂

This is a mix of the fun, serious and very true. I actually think it is amongst the bonus rules where the real gem is hiding “Never argue against logic with emotion, or against emotion using logic.”

Mozilla comes under attack – and of age

There is some quote about ‘being judged by the quality of your enemies’ – maybe from Wilde? Anyway it seems like more and more Mozilla is upsetting the right people. This latest attack from a group of online advertisers about the ‘do not track’ options in Firefox is a prime example of that. In recent years Mozilla have (it seems to me) started to move from an open source company mainly focused on preventing a browser monopoly to something much more interesting – they have becoming a leader in the wider fight for an open web and that is why I support them.

Nine behaviours for a modern digital comms team

This was a great post from Tim Lloyd and I saw him expand on it a bit at a talk this week as well. I agree strongly with the majority of it – apart from the final point as I still believe there is room for specialists as long as they are aware of the wider landscape around them.

Tim is very much a digital **communications** person. Whenever I speak to him or read his posts I realise how much I still have to learn about doing that aspect well and not getting too caught up in the digital of it all.


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