Bathcamp 26: The spirit of openness

I’ve signed up to ‘curate’ and speak at the next Bathcamp [5th Oct 8pm-10pm]and have put together an evening around this idea of  “the spirit of openness”.  Over the last couple of years I’ve become more and more interested in this slightly ‘wooly’ idea of the open web.  I dabbled with open education, open access and open source but it is the wider ideas that are coming out of Mozilla that have mainly caught my attention.

So I have tried to put together an evening that gives a flavor of those ideas – but also something more than a little inspired by what I learned from Pete Ferne.

This Bathcamp falls pretty much on the anniversary of Pete passing away and I think a geeky night on topics he would have found interesting is a good way to remember him.

Thanks to Martin and Ed for agreeing to speak – they are both quality speakers which will make up for my mumbling babble to end the evening 🙂

So here is my blurb (btw I would have liked to have someone from Bristol Wireless speak but the folk I know there will be on hols – if anyone else steps up from there I’ll drop my talk..)


To paraphrase jazz great Herbie Hancock;

“The spirit of [the web] is the spirit of openness”.

Bathcamp 26 will embrace this spirit with three talks about projects that try to live up to that ideal.

Ed Mitchell is the Web Coordinator of Transition Network, the charity supporting the Transition Towns movement. He also does network and community design and facilitation, and event design and facilitation.

Ed is going to talk about using a web project to support a distributed bottom up movement socio-technically, discussing users, boundaries and linking multiple sites. A facilitator solution to using the web to connect thousands of community groups.

Martin Poulter is currently a director of Wikimedia UK. He also works for ALSPAC at the University of Bristol as the New Media Manager. On English Wikipedia (User:MartinPoulter) he has more than six thousand edits, mainly in the area of psychology.

Martin is going to talk about some of the common pitfalls in engaging with Wikipedia and how to avoid them.

Matt Jukes is the Web Manager for the Medical Research Council and a volunteer Mozilla Representative with a focus on the work of the Mozilla Foundation rather than core products like Firefox or Thunderbird.

Matt is going to talk about some of the projects spawned by the Mozilla Drumbeat program and also about the new Mozilla funded open web startup accelerator, WebFWD.

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