Leaving JISC

OK – this isn’t the ‘leaving interview’ post I promised – not yet anyway. It is written and at some point soon I will publish it but I want to revisit it a little first before letting in out into the wild. Anyway today is my last day at JISC. Actually I am writing this…… Continue reading Leaving JISC

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[JISC] Weeknote 33/33

33 weeks of constant blogging has been achieved – the best unbroken run of my blogging career and it worked even better than I hoped as a way of getting me thinking and identifying other things to blog about. It is also an interesting record of my year in the JISC Innovation team to look…… Continue reading [JISC] Weeknote 33/33

[JISC] Weeknote 32/33

The first half of this week was mainly defined by some weird bug that basically meant I spent alot of time throwing up without actually feeling particularly unwell. Didn’t make for a particularly productive start to the week though. I did manage to get a bit further along on organising the teams Briefing Day and…… Continue reading [JISC] Weeknote 32/33

[JISC] Weeknote 31/33

This has been a good week 🙂 I got the call Monday confirming that I will neither be joining the growing ranks of the unemployed nor the (seemingly equally growing) hordes of freelancing digital types. I’ve already written about my soon to be new gig so I won’t revisit that here other than to say..YAY!…… Continue reading [JISC] Weeknote 31/33